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Heating Repair

Furnace, Boiler, Radiators, Circulator Pump Repair and Maintenance

Furnace and Boiler Repair:
Heating appliances use flammable and explosive gasses, flammable liquid fuels and lethal voltages. You should never try to repair a furnace or boiler on your own without proper training.

NorthStar Heating and Air Conditioning's employees are trained and certified with experience in all types of heating makes and models, therefore they have the knowledge needed to get the job done correctly.

  • Gas furnaces
  • Hot water boilers
  • Steam boilers
  • Electric furnaces
  • All Makes and Models

Our technicians will thoroughly assess and troubleshoot the situation and provide you with the information you need to know to get your furnace or boiler back in working order. Sometimes your repair may not be a simple fix. We will inform our customers of any furnace and boiler repair costs prior to repair.

Radiators Valve and Circulator Pump Repair:
Most radiators and circulator pumps break down and cause a leak due to age and constant wear- and- tear. Our technicians will assess and troubleshoot the situation to get your radiator or pump back in working order.

Maintaining your Heating Equipment:
Regular maintenance assures your units are in peak operating condition for best overall efficiency and peace of mind. In these times of ever rising energy costs, there is not a better investment for your home than to keep your heating systems well maintained saving you money in the long run.
“We will provide a courtesy call to remind our star customers of your clean and check. A 30 day warranty will be provided to assure customer satisfaction.”

Heating emergencies never happen conveniently. You can count on NorthStar, your local boiler and furnace repair company to respond quickly, providing you with 24 hour emergency heating service on the coldest nights.

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