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Heating Services

Furnace and boiler inspection, cleaning and maintenance

Inspecting A Heating System:
Having your heating system inspected annually is a crucial step in ensuring your equipment is safe and functional for the season. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your equipment and take the time to make sure you and your family are comfortable and safe in your home.

Our job is to observe and inform our customers of any implications that may be hazardous to you and your family. A rusted or leaky furnace heat exchanger is a possibly dangerous condition. High Carbon Dioxide (CO) levels can lead to a fatality.

Annual Clean and Checks of Equipment:
It is wise to call and set up an appointment to have your heating equipment inspected and cleaned annually. Call our office and we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you to inspect your heating equipment before the brutal cold season starts.

We evaluate the following items for your boiler or furnace clean and check:
*Burners *Water jacket *Pilot assembly *Thermocouple *Safety controls *Expansion tank
*Motors *Gas Pressures *Gas Leaks *Surface Ignitors *Flame Sensors *Grounding surfaces

A proper evaluation of your furnace will be beneficial in the long run. Some of the items of a good thorough clean and check include:
*Gas burners *Gas pressures *Pilot assembly *Thermocouple *Ignition system *Heat exchanger
*Flu venting *Fan control *Electrical wiring *Safety device *Blower speed *Motor Amp draw
*Filters *Thermostat

Annual Maintenance Agreements:
Many problems occur due to lack of maintenance. Having your heating system serviced annually will help reduce future problems. Our technicians will provide a thorough clean and check on your gas furnace or boiler to ensure peace of mind.

Ask our technicians for details about our Star Customer Program and how you can save money on your home heating service.

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